Saturday, February 20, 2016

Some quick updates

So guys Spark here with another blog post AFTER 2 MONTHS [insert celebration music here]
So yeah guys I just wanted to post a quick update

I've been busy with stuff [lolnotreally,justlazy] But I have been working on a Minecraft animation thats going up on my channel in a month or so!

It won't be as great as other animations cause i'm a starter though, and if you guys would like to meet me in personal in Minecraft, just go to
OR every now and then i'll announce a temporary server on Twitter

Just do /message SparkImmortal [your message] on MCO
or just yell my name if you manage to hop onto a temporary server of mine

Also no videos until idk when cause microphone broke :(

But hopefully you guys understand the inactivity

Friday, December 18, 2015

Guest Posters!!!

Hey Guys! Spark here!

Just  a quick update

We're keeping the blog up-to-date by allowing Guest Posters!

There are rules:
1. No going off-topic
2. No randomness
3. MUST be Wizard101/Pirate101 related


Send a request via DM on twitter. give your email and you'll be requested to join or something shortly!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Quick Announcment: #AskKnightofTheStorm

 The Announcement

Hey guys! Spark here! sorry for the 2 month postless blog...But I just got a quick thing to state:

We are starting up something new on the blog! Every Friday if you tweet us #KoTS, #KoTStorm
Or #AskKnightsofTheStorm you can  tweet us a question and one of us will answer it! Send it to My Twitter  

Or ask Scarlet on Her Twitter

We will try to keep this up every Friday, If not we'll do it next week!

Also if you have some art for us, feel free to send it to us!

What does this mean?

 This means we will at least try to keep the site more active and fresh, heck i'm even thinking about allowing you guys to post every now and then!

But anyhow, Cya guys and I hope to see ya this coming Friday!  

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The OFFICIAL moving schedule for videos

The video schedule after i'm moved and setup is offical!

1st=P101 Walkthrough 2nd=1 or 2 MC minigames 3rd= A character showcase on w101 4th=1st part of the 3rd walkthrough reboot

I might be moving this month, i'm not sure yet, BUT we'll see when I move

Thanks for coming by, and this is spark out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I have decided to make a level 5 Warlord! I might begin recording my progress there, once I have everything I need, but  until then I am going to make some blog posts about my strategy. Stay tuned for a soon to come guide! :D